Friday, January 13, 2017

Early history of Nokia

Nokia story began back to the 19th century when in 1865 a forest industry enterprise in the small town Nokia in South Western Finland was established by mining engineer Fredrik Idestam.

He imported the pioneering gorundwood techniques from Saxony into Finland and revolutionized the making of paper.

Since Finland is blessed the opportunity with lush forest and water-power resources, Idestam seized the opportunity to set up his wood pulp plant along the rover Nokia, which had actually derived its name from dark, furry weasel known as a Nokia.

Throughout its long history, the company (which evolved into the Nokia Group in 1967) has concentrated on various different markets, including paper, chemical, rubber, electronics and telecommunications (which the company started in the 1960s, with research into semiconductor technology).

By the late 1980s, it had become Europe’s third largest television manufacturer and the largest information technology provider. In 1987, Nokia provide the original handheld portable telephone.

Its rapidly growth in the 1990s coincided with a basal structural change of the Finnish economy and industry.
Early history of Nokia
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