Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Kingdom of Dacia

The Dacians probably came from a Thracian stock and moved into the region sometime in the seventh or sixth century BC. The Greek historian Herodotus considered the Dacians the “bravest and the fairest of the Thracians.”

Between 450 and 60 BC, Dacia experienced a succession of kings that predate the establishment of a stable monarchy. These kings include Dromikhaites (r. early 200 BC) in the third century BC and Oroles (r. early 100s BC) and Ruboostes (r. mid 100s) in the second century BC.
Around 61 BC Burebista emerged as the king of the Dacians. He organized and improved the socioeconomic coalition of the people and launched a vast campaign of conquest against the surrounding chiefdoms and clans.

Dacia reached its peak under King Decebalus, who fought against the Romans. The second Dacian War (AD 105-106) brought about the destruction of the Dacian kingdom and Romans conquest of the entire region.
Kingdom of Dacia

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