Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Crotonian Medical School

The date of the founding of the Crotonian Medical School is not known, but as early as the sixth century BC, it had achieved an excellent reputation. Herodotus (circa 484–425 BC) wrote: “the physicians of Crotona had the name of being the best, and those of Cyrêné the second best, in all Greece”.

Croton became a medical metropolis through the distinction of its medical school and the ability of its doctors, of whom Democedes is one of the best known. This famous physician came to Croton from Cnidus in 530 B .C., and remained there until 525 B.C., when his services were retained by Athens as State physician.

Crotonian physicians were considered the first in Greece. One member of the Crotonian school, Alcmaeon, achieved great distinction in both anatomy and physiology. He first recognized the brain as the organ of the mind and made careful dissections of the nerves which he traced to the brain.
Crotonian Medical School

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